Organizations on Campus

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A variety of organizations on campus have been formed by students, faculty and staff. If you know of a campus group that should be on this list or have any other comments about it, please let us know.

Princeton Advocates for Justice (PAJ)

Formed in opposition to national and local campaigns infringing upon basic human rights and dignity, Princeton Advocates for Justice is an intersectional coalition of over 25 student groups from diverse backgrounds advocating for the protection and advancement of basic human rights.

Princeton Progressive Coalition

The Princeton Progressive Coalition is a collective of progressive students and causes on campus brought together under this umbrella in order to act collaboratively and sustain the movements for progressive change. Contact Emanuelle Sippy '25 to get involved (

Princeton Progressive Law Society

The mission of the Princeton Progressive Law Society is to present progressive juridical approaches and constitutional interpretations to the Princeton community. To this end, our team sponsors lectures, roundtable discussions, debates, dinners, conference trips, and much more. While our focus is distinctly legal, we draw on experts of many disciplines to inform our understanding of American law and institutions.

The Progressive Law Society is an undergraduate chapter of the American Constitution Society (ACS), America’s leading progressive legal advocacy organization. Princeton joins an expansive network of law school and lawyer chapters who share in our mission to ensure that the fundamental principles of human dignity, individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, and access to justice are in their rightful, central place in American law.

Princeton Progressive Magazine

The Princeton Progressive is a recently-revived student published print magazine at Princeton University dedicated to promoting left-leaning political discussion on campus. The publication strives to provide progressive students with a dedicated platform to share their views and voices. The print editions of this magazine are generously funded by PPro.

Princeton Students for Title IX Reform (PIXR)

PIXR was formed as a response to the mistreatment of survivors of sexual assault and harassment by the University administration’s Title IX office, in addition to the chronic culture of sexual misconduct that exists at Princeton and the insufficient support and protection that the University provides for survivors. The movement began as a 200-hour protest outside Princeton’s administrative building, Nassau Hall, in May, 2019. PIXR has restlessly continued to fight for the reforms presented to the University at that time.

Join us in our ongoing work to reform Princeton’s implementation of the Title IX system. Fill out this form or contact

Students for Prison Education, Abolition, and Reform (SPEAR)

Founded at Princeton University in 2012, SPEAR is an undergraduate student run group that seeks to advocate against mass incarceration and solitary confinement, provide educational opportunities in New Jersey prisons, and educate members of the Princeton community about the challenges in our criminal justice system. In addition to full group meetings, SPEAR has four active committees that meet independently to accomplish different aspects of SPEAR’s mission. The four committees are: Education, Sentencing, Prison Conditions, and Post-Incarceration. SPEAR also has a graduate student liaison who coordinates efforts with our allies in Princeton’s graduate programs.