Congratulations to Princeton College Democrats and Tom Suozzi for recapturing the George Santos seat in Congress

April 20, 2024

When George Santos was expelled from Congress on a bipartisan vote, the conventional wisdom was that another Republican would hold the seat and thereby maintain the GOP's slender majority in the House of Representatives. Santos won his seat in 2022 by 8 points, a historically wide margin in a contested district of Long Island, so his successor should have been able to keep at least some of those votes.

But to their credit, Princeton College Democrats turned up anyway, hosting a phone banking effort from campus and then in-person canvassing with the Suozzi campaign on Long Island. Their efforts paid off with a stunning reversal -- the Santos 8-point advantage was entirely reversed and the Democrat carried the seat by 8 points, a 16-point swing! You can read more about the results, and what they mean for the country, here. You can read more about Princeton College Democrats here.

The support for Princeton College Democrats was made possible by our members and your generous donations. Thank you!

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